The Museums Division of GMMB oversees nine main museums, including the National Museum. Two of the museums are situated inside a castle, and three are situated inside a fort. Apart from their regular exhibits, the museums organise temporary exhibitions.

In addition, the Museums Division gives technical assistance to the WEB Du Bois Centre Museum and the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park Museum in Accra. This assistance is also extended to private museums in the country such as the Police Museum in Accra, The Military Museum in Kumasi, Prempeh ll Jubilee Museum in Kumasi, the Manhyia Palace Museum in Kumasi.

National and Regional Museums of Ghana

For Ghanaians interested in their local heritage, or visitors wanting to explore Ghana’s culture and history, the GMMB museums are a good place to start.  The National Museum in Accra educates its guests on the habits of Ghana’s people, past and present, through its displays of traditional objects unique to Ghana and its showcasing of local artworks.  For those who would like a more in-depth look at specific Ghanaian regions, there are a number of museums providing insight into the traditions and history of their own geographical area; among these are the Upper East Regional Museum and the Volta Regional Museum.     

The Cape Coast Castle Museum, St. Georges Castle (Elmina Castle) Museum, and Ussher Fort Museum offer guided tours of some of the structures involved in the slave trade, as well as the chance to view exhibitions explaining the mechanics of the slave trade in Ghana and the role played by their respective sites in its development.

For something completely different, the Museum of Science and Technology provides its visitors with a look into the domain of Ghana’s scientific development, through exhibits of objects of scientific and technological interest.

The eight main museums are:

Tour guides are available at the museums, and many of the museums have restaurant facilities and gift shops.

Groups should not exceed the maximum number of 70 people at a time. For school tours, schools must schedule their tours in writing, three weeks in advance. Teachers are to supervise their students when on tour.

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