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16 Diplomats­ visits the Ussher Fort

Sixteen Ambassadors and High Commissioners in Ghana visited the Ussher Fort on Wednesday, 7th July . The visit to the month-long exhibition was to give the diplomats an insight into the current status of the country’s heritage sites, including forts and castles, and how best to collaborate with the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board (GMMB) and other partners to restore and preserve Ghana’s heritage sites for future generation.

The diplomats included those of the United States of America, Mrs Stephanie S. Sullivan; Ms Selma Ashipala-Musavyi of Namibia, Ms Alicia del Rico of Spain, Ms Harriet Thompson of the UK, Mr  G. Y. Hamza of Nigeria, Ms Quintero Turbay of Colombia, Ms Grace Jeanet Masonand of South Africa and Mr. Eliphas M. Barine  of Kenya.

The rest are the Charge d’Affaires of Zimbabwe, Mr Eddison Sithole; the Charge d’Affaires of Canada, Ms Annika Allman; the Charge d’Affaires of Libya, Mr Mohamed M. O. Melad; Ms Seyda Ergún of Turkey, Mr Richard Mwanza of Zambia and Mr Enrique Escorza of Mexico.

The acting Executive Director of the GMMB,  Mr Ivor Agyemang Duah, who welcomed the diplomats to the exhibition, urged the public to take interest in the restoration of world heritage sites in Ghana.

Mr Agyemang Duah said the museum would take into consideration the history of the Ga Mashie community where it was situated.

He said the conservation and the protection of the sites were a shared responsibility and urged all to participate in them to enable the board to achieve its mandate.

He said the board had rolled out a programme with the diplomatic community on a monthly basis, and that at the end of July, the museum would be opened for the first time in 65 years the Western regional office, which would take care of the eight monuments in that region.

The diplomats were taken through presentations on the mandate of the GMMB, the status of Forts and Castles in Ghana and the need to safeguard the shared heritage for posterity.

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