Ghana  Museums and Monuments Board  is a not-for-profit organization governed by the National Liberation Council Decree (NLCD) 387 of 1969, now known as Act 387 of 1969, which was further strengthened by the Executive Instrument (E.I.) 29 of 1973.

Ghana  Museums and Monuments Board  offers the opportunity to celebrate Ghana’s rich heritage and history. By supporting the Ghana  Museums and Monuments Board  with your membership, you will help support the museum’s cultural programs, educational efforts and preservation of irreplaceable movable and immovable cultural artifacts associated with the history of Ghana culture and shared heritage.

Memberships are valid on a calendar basis, January 1 – December 31. Membership cards are provided via newsletter.


Provide free personal admission with an individual membership.

Provide free admission for family with a family membership.

Provide special e-mail notifications on special exhibits or museum programs.

Support the preservation of Ghana's heritage.

Support educational advancement of Ghana's heritage.

Receive a quarterly and monthly newsletter.

Receive invitations to special programs.

Sneak previews to new exhibits.

Receive an invitation to annual membership dinner.

Provide you with a self-fulfilling experience of sharing the history of Ghana.

Membership Levels

Membership Type Amount Details
•    Individual ¢200 Involves an individual
•    Couple ¢350 Involves two (2) people
•    Family ¢600 Involves a maximum of Five (5) members
•    Bronze ¢1200 Involves a maximum of Fifteen (15) members
•    Silver ¢2500 Involves a maximum of thirty (30) members
•    Gold ¢5000 Involves a maximum of thirty (50) members


Become a member today, by clicking the link below, to download the application form, and ensure future generations are enriched with the history and heritage of Ghana for years to come!

Membership Application Form.



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