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International Museum Day

International Museums Day

Each year since 1977, International Council of Museums (ICOM) has organised International Museum Day, which represents a unique moment for the international museum community.

The objective of International Museum Day (IMD) is to raise awareness about the fact that, “Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.” Organised on the 18th of May each year or around this date, the events and activities planned to celebrate International Museum Day can last a day or an entire week. IMD was celebrated for the first time 40 years ago. All around the world, more and more museums participate in International Museum Day. Last year, more than 37,000 museums participated in the event in about 158 countries and territories.

With the theme “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”, International Museum Day 2020 aims at becoming a rallying point to both celebrate the diversity of perspectives that make up the communities and personnel of museums, and champion tools for identifying and overcoming bias in what they display and the stories they tell.
The Ghana Museums and Monuments Board affirms its commitment to this important subject, through the services it render to its museum audience.

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