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Larabanga Mosque

Larabanga Mosque

The Larabanga Mosque is popularly referred to as the ‘Mecca of West Africa’, because of its rich historical and architectural values. The dimensions of the mosque are approximately 8m by 8m.

The Larabanga Mosque made it to the World Monuments Fund’s List of 100 Most Endangered Sites. The mosque is believed to have been built in 1421 by an Islamic trader called Ayuba. The mosque is made of mud and stick, in Sudanese style. Right next to the entrance is a large baobab tree, under which Ayuba’s remains are buried. The mosque has four entrances: one each for the village chief, men, women, and the muezzin who leads the call to prayer. It is located in a small predominantly Muslim town, called Larabanga, near Damongo in the Western Gonja District in the Northern Region.

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